Travel Solution Cards – Convenient Alternative to an Overtaken Journey

An onward ticket is simply a proof of an booked air, train or bus ticket originating from another country about to enter. While traveling onward it’s important to have this proof because you can enter the country legally without it. You will also need proof of onward travel insurance for the same reason – you can enter the country without it but if something goes wrong you won’t be covered. As long as you have proof of onward travel insurance of some kind it’s enough for the customs guy at the airport.

There are two kinds of travel: economy and budget airlines. When booking a one-way ticket from Thailand to another destination outside of Thailand you can find the cheapest available fare. If you book a return ticket from Thailand to a different destination within Thailand you usually have to pay the full amount for both flights. Booking a one-way ticket and then a return ticket is cheaper but it depends entirely on the airline’s airline rules – check with your travel agency or Thai Travel.

Many Thais don’t like tourists who don’t leave the airport when booking a one-way ticket. They feel that this shows disrespect for the Thai people and that you are not putting any value into the country. The airline industry in Thailand is not as competitive as in other countries so they can afford to offer extremely low prices to travelers. Still, if you want a good deal you should book as far in advance as possible especially during the off season. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait up to 2 weeks for your flight.

Other than the airline industry there are other ways you can get proof of onward travel insurance if you’re planning to fly to other countries. You can visit the embassy of the destination country or ask a tour agency. In most cases you will need onward tickets in addition to your one-way ticket. These are often available from travel agents. Some countries require visitors to get proof of onward travel insurance even if they have a one-way ticket.

If you decide to use a travel agent to plan your trip make sure you understand the booking process and any hidden costs. Some agents also charge extra money when you have to add more stops or take a further flight out of the city you’re going to. Check online for all the latest deals. When booking an international flight remember to check your onward ticket against your original return ticket before booking the flight.

Don’t purchase a one-way ticket if you are flying to another country and are transiting in that country. Instead check into either a local airline office at the airport or the bus station near your final destination. In some cases the local bus may be able to give you a bus ticket to reach your hotel. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new country and having to rent a car and drive it around for the remainder of your journey. It’s much easier to rent a car and drive yourself!

For digital nomads planning their trips abroad there is no better travel solution than a digital nomad SIM card with Global Pass. You can now pre-book hotels, cars, tours, flights and more. Pre-booking helps you avoid last minute surprises. If you’ve been to Europe before you know that most hotels charge a hefty price for breakfast in the morning but you can now enjoy the simplicity of a digital nomad’s digital nomad SIM card and have instant access to Wi-Fi, Internet and the local area network in any location.

If you are travelling with family or with friends make sure you arrange for onward tickets or exchange tickets if you will be traveling back to the US. Exchange rates are often very good and you will save money by exchanging instead of buying a return ticket. However, be aware that you may lose out on complimentary spots if you do not arrange your trip as part of a group. A return ticket can sometimes be purchased at a cheaper rate when bought in bulk. Be sure to check this when purchasing your Travel Solution Card.