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House automation is acquiring fantastic popularity and also is being widely accepted throughout the globe. It is deemed as the utmost deluxe as all the daily tasks are done at the flick of a single button. Persons leading a frantic lifestyle locate it tiring to switch on or switch off electronic products or the lights. With home automation systems, all these apparently ordinary tasks can be completed with the flick of a button. The modern technology is reasonably new and currently cost effective to the rich. Ordinary households will locate it pricey to get these gizmos although they are very practical.

House Automation Inc (HAI) is a company that handles home automation systems. If you want automating your residence using this technology, you might check out the internet site of the company to check out the different options available. HAI has a full series of home automation products that deal with safety and security, illumination, temperature level as well as audio control. It is less complicated to access the residence automation products if you have a telephone and also Net connectivity in your house.

HAI can give residence automation products for freshly created or existing homes. They have 2 major kinds of home automation systems, as outlined below:

1. Omni Household Home Control System:
This system has inbuilt UL-listed safety and security as well as consists of temperature, lights, fire systems and audio control. The system is used with telephone connectivity or the Web. You can select between the 3 choices of Omni LT, Omni Pro II and also Omni Ile. Each of them has their own specs, functions, dimension and rate range.

This system has numerous functions like centralized control of the safety, temperature as well as lights. It has built-in phone gain access to, serial ports, Ethernet port and also modem. The safety and security functions include UL-listed robbery and smoke alarm, totally expanding protection areas, supervised areas, smoke alarm, digital communicators, even log, cordless safety and security and true dividing.

The automation functions consist of:
– Advanced lighting control,
– Programs on a console, computer or touch display.
– Scheduling of the security, illumination and temperature based on sunrise, sundown or the day, date and also time.
– Control of system events like motion detection, door entry and also setting adjustment.
– Push-button control use for thermostats, lighting and safety and security.
– Advanced control shows (ACP).

2. The Lumina Household residence control system:
This system can be utilized in any existing or brand-new houses. It can be combined with the existing safety system. You can pick between two options of Lumina and also Lumina Pro.

The Lumina system provides a top quality of illumination control that is wireless and very expensive. The integrated clock determines sunrise as well as sundown time as well as additionally the daytime saving time, instantly.

This system utilizes UPB, one of the most advanced requirement in data. It is easy to operate as whatever is set to be turned on at the button of a button.

HAI is known for their illumination gadgets, referred to as the HAI Lighting control. These devices function separately. The system will allow you to change the settings of the lights with a call or via Web accessibility. With the help of the HAI illumination control device, one can create a significant lighting result for your house to match the event. The songs system can be set to play various music in different areas.

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