Top 4 Threats To Your Wireless Network

With the abundance of job and recruitment websites, newspaper listings and security officer agencies, access to most areas of security industry employment opportunities can be relatively straightforward. However, actually finding the job you want and beating the competition to get it, is a completely different issue altogether. Following these top 10 tips should make the whole ordeal that little less painful.

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Unless your Gmail really slows down it is probably a good idea to leave the new default in place. Otherwise make a note to turn it on again when you work from a Wi-Fi cafe or public space.

Make sure the security expert explains to you or your network technician what he is doing. I guarantee that someone is going to complain about the new firewall and tighter booter. Adding a new user is going to get more complex. Someone is going to get their toes stepped on. You have to have someone at your office that at least has some idea of what has been done.

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