Three Fast Ways To Destroy Your Online Business

The Internet has made our personal and professional lives very transparent. We now live in the fishbowl. Despite what many will argue, your privacy is no longer fully in your control. Your online identity is also something that others can control, and you need to do your best to manage it. Managing your online reputation and protecting it is equivalent to marketing your personal brand, YOU.

“I need some information on …” and I proceeded to tell her what I needed. She gave me the information for electronic transfers and then the conversation got really interesting.

You may also come across many companies that employ people to monitor their social media networking profiles on networks like, Twitter and Facebook. However, looking for random mention is a part of their job, rarely. In that case, they should go for an online Online Reputation Management Firm company, or, a social media monitoring company. There are a number of software vendors like Radian6, Vocus, ListenLogic, as well as Jive Software help in spotting online trends. Moreover, they also help when it comes to keeping track of their reputation, problems related to their products and services, customer complaints, as well as, many other things. This will help you to know, as soon as, possible, if your business is attacked online.

Learn to live with it. Most people have a pain management problem: pain is bad and needs to be eliminated. Actually, quite the contrary is true: pain is the only language your body communicates with you and if you cut it out, you’ll never know what is wrong with you. Negative reviews are painful, however, that is the only way to find out what is wrong with the system, where are the weak points, and collecting ideas on how to improve products and services. Our company gets paid to inflict pain on the client: it is better to endure some level of pain than to suffer a major catastrophe.

There is a difference in opinion over the use of micro-sites (a one or two page website). We’ve seen plenty of spam looking micro-sites and quite sure that you have as well. Micro-sites are perfect for are ORM campaigns. The site must contain high quality information that is easy to obtain and simple to share as a link. Also, include a small and minimal navigation. For example, a home page, about us page, and contact page. There are several micro-sites options in which you can choose from. The more Online Reputation Management the merrier.

Many people use blogs to generate discussion and to add new content. The more content you add online, the more likely it will be that negative content will drop off the first page of many search engines.

Pay Per Click campaigns can be used against your brand name, in order to get more ‘above the fold’ spots and push any negative review down in the page.

Whether you’re an engineer, entrepreneur, educator or anything in between, building and maintaining a powerful personal brand is important because it helps people truly understand who you are and differentiates you from other people who do what you do. Your brand is your currency. Invest in it and protect it.