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Having a baby can make a huge difference to your life because you have many new and unaccustomed things to deal with. It is ironic that babies are tiny in size but they create a disproportionate amount of waste. In fact, you will find this very difficult to deal with if you are serious about green living. Thankfully, there are quite a few things that you could do to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste that is generated in your house because of your baby. The following going green tips will help you feel a lot less guilty about your household’s impact on the environment. In addition, you will also save quite a bit of money in the process.

BPA and phthalates are found in canned foods and sodas And it’s also found in food microwaved in plastic. You’ll find it in lots of types of plastics, but I’m focusing on canned foods in this article so will live only the warning of all of the plastics in your life. DEHP, a phthalate, is added to plastic to make it more flexible.

This is one of the ways to make your greenhouse building cheap. Other than this, you need to make proper plans. You can use PVC tubing because it is cheaper than the other options. You can either build a glass frame or wenigerplastik frame.

Many of the world’s major fish stocks are overfished and collapsing. This is more than a food issue; these fish make the marine food web survive and many coastal communities depend on the industry. The good news is that there are alternatives for those who don’t want to completely give up seafood.

These brilliant guys have come up with a perfect solution for being ecologically responsible and yet still have the convenience of disposable diapers. gDiapers, short for “green diapers”, are made from a washable, cotton, outer pant and a plastic-free, biodegradable diaper refill. The best part of these awesome diapers is that compared to traditional disposable diapers, which take about 500 years to break down in a landfill, these little gems take about 50 – 150 days! That’s right – days.

So instead of purchasing expensive items, divert your attention to eco-friendly bags. It’s an advantageous thing that more designers are making an eco-friendly type of their products. It’s about time that we back up these designers who do convey to the whole globe that they care.

An excellent addition to any rubber ducky themed bathroom, these fun wall cut-outs are priced at just $9.99. Each unit includes three ducks facing the left, two ducks facing the right, and four bubble pieces.

The hot Knife or the Soldering Iron. It can be said that cutting the plastic using the soldering iron is the best way. It works in any plastic types. You will face no difficulty to cut the plastic. However, when you cut the plastic using this soldering iron, you should be careful. Use the gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Never touch the tip of the soldering iron or you will burn your hand.