Motivational Songs And Me

They talk about the stress of parenthood. They talk about the patience it takes to raise them ‘right’. They talk about the never ending days and sometimes more challenging nights. I was prepared for all of this when I became a mom. What they didn’t talk about and what was perhaps the most challenging of all for me was how incredibly annoying children’s music is.

Steve Holy’s “Love Don’t Run” is a song about a couple who wants to keep their relationship working and that need to talk about everything and try to sort things out. Even though the artist has not had any great hits during his career this song might soundtrack be it.

Tyler: But back to “The Guy.” It’s hard to imagine, even in an unfair world, that Little Lazoo, John Lazoo, or James Elton’s son would turn out so terrible, after Lazoo himself had undergone such a transformation in the end-to-end saga?

The first track on the disc is “The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)” from “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.” Performed by Liz Phair and Material Issue, “One Banana, Two Banana” is a fantastic start to the show. I have never seen or heard of this puppet series, but Phair and the Issue’s rendition of this song make me want to find out what I have been missing.

To the degree that you focus your attention on the negative aspects of your job, your boss, your commute, or your coworkers, you blend yourself with them. It’s like hearing a song on the radio and mindlessly humming along. In your complaint, you are singing along to the tune of what you don’t want.

It was right around that time that Simon was reading one of the radio trade journals. This particular issue had an article on future trends in radio programming. One of the radio personnel interviewed actually said something like, “Well, we’re not going to be playing people like Paul Simon anymore.” And Simon read that! He later said that you try to de-personalize such a statement. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, you can’t de-personalize something like that beyond a certain point when they say it about you!

1) Take the Check. I’ve heard a lot of folks try to be proud and not file for unemployment. NO! Take the check. This is money you have earned and the government has taken away. Time to cash in! Take the check. You may be in for a long haul so any extra pennies help. UE is probably about 25-45% of what you used to get a week. This is nice for the occasional movie, beer run or credit card payment. It takes about ten minutes of work every few weeks. Also, it takes about a month before check start rolling in regularly. Next month you will need it.

On the very Julee Cruise-esque “Silently” (too bad this is ten years too late for inclusion on the Lost Highway soundtrack) Makino eases the lyrical tension just a bit. “Oh sweet creature I know exactly how you feel” she sings, making this the closest any song on the album comes to being lyrically “ideal” in an emotional comfort standpoint. The album ends with “My Impure Hair,” the spacey, wistful post-coital bliss ride into the morning after. It seems the fantasy has won out for now.