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Even people who may have already refinished a wooden floor in an entire room can balk at the idea of refinishing wooden stair treads. It can seem like a pain or nuisance – but it really doesn’t have to be dreaded. You do need to remember, however, that stair treads need to be treated a bit differently than floors. They may need a different stain or paint treatment than that used on a comparatively flat surface, especially if you are refinishing steep or winding stairways. With that in mind, you’ll be able to make the right choice of finish as you work on your stair treads.

Eat healthier – make a really effort to change your diet patterns, the results will amaze you. Healthy eating need not be endless salads and boring veggies.These days there are some great Wooden Stairs cook books and recipies to make your mouth water without being stuffed with rabbit food!

Always eat breakfast, after a good nights sleep your body is starving and it slows your metabolism. Eating a good breakfast will get your metabolism moving. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will make you feel more awake and you will be more sharp in your thinking.

If your child fancies a black and white combination, the High Tek 2 Midsleeper Cabin Bed is just the right set of bed for him or her. This has been finished in a glossy black and white effect. It comes with a long slide-out work desk area, a four cube shelving unit, and some shelving areas that may serve different purposes. This is a fashionable bed which is a perfect fit for growing kids.

After grabbing her jacket and a quick search for her keys, as always adding a little more practically and forethought to his whirling dervish and she was after him; running down the wooden Custom staircase and through the now eerily vacant bar, stools stacked on tables like toy soldiers awaiting battle.

So SORRY I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been on my hols – camping in England!!! Ek! Well after wind tunnel and rain and deflatting air matresses and hard ground I still had a blast but had no internet so I’m sorry about the wait but will hopefully get the next chapter up soon as compensation and as long as I can find my last chapter – how do you lose a chapter? I’ll keep up the posting! Thanks so much to everyone who has R&Red – means so much as i haven’t really shared much of what I’ve written before – anyway on to Chapter 5…enjoy!

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