How To Install WordPress In 5 Minutes Or Less

It is not until I found WordPress and settle down with it. There are 5 reasons for you to choose WordPress as your blogging system, in the order of their importance.

By now you have learned that making a website with WordPress is pretty easy. However there is a simpler method if you do not want to go through so much confusing steps, there is a software called WordPress express that is very easy to use and also known as the worlds simplest WordPress building site that creates websites in a matter of minutes.

Assumption #2 is that your hosting company installed wordpress tutorial for you (GoDaddy and Fantastico are the most common). This will automatically give your site the “permissions” necessary to make updates and upload your theme in wordpress.

Best of all he has build a control panel that sits inside of the WordPress admin area that makes tasks like adding alt tags to pictures, adding tabs for pages, author and date control on posts and pages, simple stats and scripts management, etc., etc. unbelievably easy.

Now it’s time to buy a domain name. Many hosting companies will include a domain name as part of your hosting package, but find a company which just specializes in domain names. You may want to move your blog at some stage so the domain name registrar wordpress tutorial should be separate from your hosting.

In the following tutorial, I’m going to make a very bold assumption and assume that your hosting company is with HostGator. If you’re not with HostGator, that’s okay, most hosting companies are very similar and should have all the features similar if not the same to HostGator.

You can cut the ties with your website designer! Don’t get me wrong here. There is a place for website designers as they serve a valuable purpose. They can definitely help some organizations do better things with design, search engine optimization and other aspects of a great church website. Conversely, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a change made on a timely basis because your website designer/firm wasn’t available.