How To Grow Your Ira With Real Estate Ira Investments

Trying to learn the facts about a real estate IRA? Holding real estate in IRA accounts has been allowed since the laws were written in 1974, but only about 5% of all account owners choose this option. Why?

Now here is the “real” story. The top, privileged 1% of the population claim 50% of the wealth in this country. The remaining 9% of the top 10% claim 50% of the remaining wealth. Starting to get the picture? That leaves the remaining 25% of our total What Is The National Wealth Center to be fought over by 90% of the population. In other words, essentially everyone in this country is entitled to compete for one quarter of the wealth center. All the while 75% is already owned by the top 10% and in the background we keep hearing the “Chant”, “We WANT MORE!’ Too Much is NEVER enough! Greed is GOOD!”.

For long term investments, blue chip and stable firms are usually the best to buy stocks from. These are lucrative firms with a bright future and are unlikely to go down. Basically, you as the investor will want that if you are planning to keep the stock for say ten years. Some firms may do well this year but collapse the preceding year, if you are looking for a long term investment and you had invested on such a firm, you lose big time. Bottom line it pays to invest in firms that have a history National Wealth Center of success.

Experienced investors are making lots of money this way and it is all tax free. Qualified distributions are never taxed. You paid taxes on the contributions that you have made over the years, so once you retire, regardless of your annual distributions, they are tax-free.

One reality is that to save a lot of money in a short time is that you will need to cut spending. Financial planners are great at helping you find corners that can be cut. Each dollar saved in your daily life is a dollar put into the stock market. If you and your financial advisors work together well, those dollars could double, quadruple… you get the idea. Cut down on spending as much as you can, and put each of those dollars into some sort of stock, bond or mutual fund as soon as possible.

Jesuss never encouraged governments to be the arbiters of wealth. In fact, Jesus was once approaced by an individual who insisted that his brother had to share his inheritance with him. He wanted Jesus to command his brother to share his inheritance. What was Jesus’ response?

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