Grilling Burgers – How To Get The Perfect Burger Every Time

Every time we sit down at a restaurant we are unconsciously playing the biggest sales game in the business. The best thing for the restaurant owner is this type of marketing and selling does not even have to involve a person. It’s just between you and the menu, and the menu wins most of the time.

After a few tries I had what I thought was the best Himalaya Burger I had ever tasted. I couldn’t wait until the spring hit so I could try it out on the gas grill. They were a smash hit with my wife and kids. The taste is indescribable. It’s somewhere between a pizza and a good burger, but yet totally unique to each. I’ve been making them every weekend for my kids. They can’t seem to get enough.

Using a large mixing bowl you will add the ground beef or hamburger and the brown sugar. Mix well to combine thoroughly while using your hands to gently fold the brown sugar into the meat. Add the honey and mix thoroughly until well combined. Separate this mixture evenly into 8 portions. Shape these portions into balls while using your hands. Gently pat the ball so meat out into large burger patties. Make sure to make the center of the burger patties just a little thinner than the outside edges of the burgers. Doing so helps to reduce shrinkage of the meat while cooking the patties.

You should always know what your competition is doing, it is essential to your success. It may be difficult to go yourself though as you would no doubt be known. So send one of your employees instead. Brief them what to look for. It will also give you the opportunity to treat a staff member to something different. How about showing up for work to be told you have to go out to dinner or lunch…all expenses paid!!!

Since its debut, the King has been featured in more than just commercials. The King, bearing the now well-known mask, has been seen on many spoofs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and various movie promotions including The Simpsons Movie. A video game featuring the King costume wearing mascot, titled Sneak King, was also created in February 2006. Most recently the King is said to be featured in his very Burger restaurant own upcoming movie!

I slice the onion super thin and cut the green pepper into strips. I like to have my cheese all nice and portioned out in advance. It just makes it easier. When you’re ready to throw the burgers on, let your grill come up to medium heat and make sure those racks are oiled. Though there’s a lot of fat in this meat, we still don’t want to take the chance of the burgers sticking. They’re thin, so if they do stick, they’ll just fall apart. Place your burgers down and let them go for about 6 minutes with the lid closed. We want these well done because of the pork in there. Flip them over and give them another solid 6. Except this time, line them all up on 1 side of the grill; drop the heat on the other side to low, and top with some pepperoni, and then the cheese.

And if you’re really hungry, try good Old World Buffets. From the mid-west to the east this chain offer good quality food, plus all you can eat. Also senior citizens discounts apply and a daily changing menu. Awesome!

Take 4 pieces of bun or Hamburger bread and in one side put coriander chutney and in other side put tamarind chutney. In the middle of each pieces put peanuts and coconut paste (step 6).