Earn Some Extra Income By Taking Better Photos While On Vacation

When you plan to do travel photography, ask yourself these two questions: do you travel to take photos or will you just take photos while you travel? A lot of factors on travel photography depends on your answer. Factors such as camera gear, shooting locations, subjects and time affects your answer to these two questions. I’ll discuss the difference between the two below.

There is an art to being lucky in Sell travel photography, and it usually involves a lot of hard work. Research is the key. Find out all you can about where you are going. Read travel guides, books, newspaper and magazine articles, scour the internet, watch television programs. Knowing a little about what life is like in that part of the world can go a long way to getting the most out of your time there. For instance, how would the locals react to someone trying to take their picture? Some cultures can be quite offended by having their photo taken. This is especially true of women in Islamic countries. At other times, people will practically beg you to take their picture. Sometimes, you will be expected to pay for the privilege.

You can guarantee that famous landmarks and places have been photographed from every position possible. Try to look at your subject from a new perspective – climb a tree, stick out the rain – you’ll find yourself with something that 99% of people wouldn’t have.

When you pack for your trip, bring your manual, extra camera batteries or a battery charger, and digital storage cards or film for your camera. If you plan on taking lots of digital photos and you have a laptop, it may be a wise idea to bring it so you can download your images and reuse your cards.

Secondly, learn to use your equipment at home before you travel. Know it inside out. Practice, practice, practice. When you get that once-in-a-lifetime shot you don’t want to ruin it by fiddling with your camera.

Done! Can’t wait for the next trip… Practice more, read books, seek information over the internet, maybe join a camera club, attend photo exhibitions, even have your own? Ask at local libraries, shopping malls etc if they allow you to post your pics.

Travel shots. This type has also become quite a popular hobby to most people. However, there are also some lucky folks who can do this both as pleasure and profession by being paid to travel and explore new places. This type has also given a great deal for a city or even a country’s tourism.