Dougie Rants!!! Election Preflections

What happens in this Basque Country influences Spain and visa versa. Recently there have been elections and it seems that following years of a nationalist government there is a tendency towards alter where people are open to other options.

So, we went to solid our votes this fateful Tuesday only to discover out that our polling place had been moved! This added to my frustration. We get to the right polling place and are offered a “roster” from the democratic celebration of who they want us to vote for as we solid our ballots. In this process I discovered that you just experienced to spend some cash to be listed on this sheet. It had absolutely nothing to do with the applicant positions or ideas if they gained the America is good. I was appalled.

Yes, despite the age old, “every vote should count” credo shrieked in wholesale style by the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts; only the Elite Tremendous Delegates have countable votes. Therefore, anybody who is dumb enough to vote for their favorite Democrat in a Presidential main is closer to getting a free pass into Wally World than to have a genuine voice in who will be the DNC Presidential candidate.

The generations that lead up to mine as a senior display that voting is generally on a party foundation, Labour, Conservative, and Lib-dem plus the typical independent. I low cost the BNP doubting that any senior in his or her correct thoughts would vote for something formed by the Nazi Party. We all lost numerous family associates who fought this power crazed regime. I, and am certain numerous more would like to know about our candidates. In nearby elections do they live in the ward exactly where I live, what is the ward I reside in? Are they in work, what type of employment are they in? Do they have a family members or are they mature as a senior? What are the boundaries of my ward?

M.S.: Well once more, that’s a media problem. But there is more pupil debt now in the U.S. than all of the collective financial debt on credit playing cards. Pupil financial debt has now exceeded credit card financial debt.

So the chain of salvation, based on Romans 8:28-29 is first, foreknowledge, 2nd, predestination, third, calling, fourth, justification and last, glorification.

As we move into a international economic climate and global community with the advent of technologies, myspace, facebook, and other social networking venues why is it that we can’t all be targeted on peace, prosperity, and helping every other attain our desires?