Crocs: The Only Shoes I Can’t Live Without

For some of us the warm weather is already here and for others it’s right around the corner. And as the saying goes “spring is in the air”, giving us all a reason to go shopping for summer shoes. The most popular styles for this time of year are women’s sandals, fashion boots and cheap shoes.

As we got out of the car and joined the crowd of people walking into the store, I noticed a number of things. First, there was a definite “uniform” going on. It was the uniform of summer at the lake, summer at the river: sun dress, bathing suit coverup, my custom flip flops, straw cowboy hat, long shorts for the men and maybe (mayyyybe) some sort of T-shirt. Age doesn’t matter. Perfume? Whatever sun block you use.

If you prefer a custom flip flops sandal with a bit more sparkle take a look at the Key Gan from Diba USA. With a variety of straps and buckles throughout these sandals, the highlighting feature is the silver leather. Shiny and sexy, these sandals would look great with a black ensemble. Black shorts and a black tank would look stunning in contrast to the shimmery straps on these shoes.

This trend might take a while for you to embrace wearing it. Initially, you might even feel a little silly pulling one of these on; however, once you get past the initial fear, you will be addicted.

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Scoping Others Out: Don’t obviously check out other prospects during the date. Yes, we know you are programmed to scope others out, but we don’t want to see you doing it!

For those who like to interact and participate during the event, we recommend tie on closed toe shoes, slip-ons, or sandals with multiple straps. Flip-flops are never recommended. Not only will you exit the event missing at least one flip-flop, your feet will be pretty beaten and battered by other participants. It is necessary to point out that Coachella can be MTV spring break to some people. Where beer flows aplenty, so do messes. Flip-flops or bare feet in the dark can only lead to night time discomfort.