Online news forums are seen as a communication medium and as a vernacular public debate. They are classified as avernacular public debate because they are based on the users’ reasoning and do not have legitimacy. Rather than a technicality, news and forum “debate” is a public event. Both have beenContinue Reading

In this article Online news forums are studied as a public communicative medium and as avernacular public debate. They are classified as avernacular debates since they are based on users’ arguments and do not enjoy legitimacy. News and forum “debate”, rather than being a technicality are public events. The twoContinue Reading

An Internet Forum, or web forum, is a specialized web-based discussion platform where users can send messages in the form of posts. They are distinct from traditional chat rooms, where messages are usually just one line long and can be stored temporarily. Although they appear like they do, the twoContinue Reading