Article Marketing – Drives Traffic To Your Website?

WordPress is probably the number one free blogging platform in today’s society. Thus thousands of bloggers around the world use WordPress to power their blogs (including me). But how can WordPress, a FREE blogging platform, earn you some significant income? Here is a step-by-step guide showing how to make money with WordPress.

Backlinking! – This is probably one of the biggest steps out of then ten. Granted you need a great website and place to backlink to. But nevertheless don’t forget to do it. Every time you put something up somewhere, make sure there is a backlink to your website. This pretty much guarantees you more web traffic with everything you do. Also having great content is a surefire way to get people to want to backlink to you. In a lot of ways backlinking is like voting for Google Indexing service search engine spot #1. The more backlinks your website has the higher up you go!

If you place their link on your home page, or any other page with a PR of greater than zero, you lose out. Even if your page has a Google PageRank of only 1, THEN YOU LOSE OUT!! They get a share of your PR of 1, and you get a share of their PR of zero!

Do not forget to use good permalinks: In WordPress, Admin => Settings => permalinks => custom structure – put /tegory%/%postname%/ in the blank field. Use unrestricted.htaccess file to do it. Be sure your web browser supports this. Then make your Blog is visible to all: Admin => settings => privacy => Blog visibility => “I would like my Blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technocrati) and archivers”.

Select the font The font I usually use is verdana, medium since it is easier Google Indexing service read. Leave the rest of the options as they are and click “continue”. This next part is quite important. This is where you set up channels. Channels allow you to label each ad unit so can see which get the most clicks.

It’s best to take a look at the web site in question before contacting the prospective. That way you will have a basic idea as to what they are selling and how you can help them achieve better rankings and traffic.

You can use any of the above techniques to get indexed by Google and other major search engines. However, do keep in mind it will take a few weeks for your site to appear in the search engines.